logo2Water is an ever more expensive commodity; the government is urging us to use less and yet the climate is apparently getting warmer. So most home owners who have lawns and gardens on which they have spent significant sums of money on setting them

up and getting them just right find this of no comfort at all. Water usage is going up as are the associated costs of keeping your gardens fresh and alive.

Bullards Irrigation was set up six years ago to help redress this balance, at least in Killeen, Lampasas, Austin, and Houston areas in Texas. Have you ever forgotten to turn off your sprinklers, leaving them on until water is running freely down the street? Ever considered not just the wastage but how much it just cost you? Ralph Bullard, founder of Bullards Irrigation, has both experienced and seen this countless times, hence his decision to do something about it.

Using the latest technology, Bullards Irrigation strives to ensure your water goes exactly where it is needed and at a time when the sun won’t simply evaporate it from the surface or cause droplet burns on leaves. Blue-Lock, manufactured by Orbit, has been described as the next generation of eco-friendly water distribution systems; its patented stainless steel grip technology rePortfolio2moves the need for using epoxy glues, heating joints, or creating screw threads to connect the system into whatever configuration suits the customer. Using additional products such as the T-5 rotor and the Toro evolution controller means that the customer is now in a position not only to accurately control when the water comes on – even going as far as to prevent water flow when it rains, but to be able to make changes from a smart phone anywhere in the world.

Bullards Irrigation offers all of this along with additional services such as maintenance and back flow testing to ensure that when the system is not in use it doesn’t send water back from the garden polluting the source tanks. Starting from the company’s philosophy of always listening to the customer, we offer a wide range of reference customers who appreciate our efficient work, the solutions we have delivered, and the fact that we are clean and tidy workers who are easy to work with. For more information on Bullards Irrigation’s services and/or to get in contact with Ralph Bullard kindly complete the form below or call Ralph Bullard directly at (512) 556-4235 or his cell at (281) 851-1530.

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