Landscape LightingBullards Irrigation is a professional contractor of landscape lighting in commercial, residential and industrial properties. When installing a low-voltage lighting system, Bullards Irrigation considers quality, safety, security and customer satisfaction its main priorities.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting systems are a smart investment. Professionally installed and maintained outdoor lighting systems will increase the value and resale of residential and commercial properties, while simultaneously making it the showcase of the area.

Properly installed low-voltage lighting casts a beautiful glow, while remaining extremely economical and safe to operate, when compared to high-voltage lighting. In addition to their beauty, the allure and practical benefits of outdoor lighting systems offer increased lighting for safety and security.

Landscape lighting extends the hours of use of the garden, patio, porch or any outdoor oasis. Since timed lights are often used as a part of landscape lighting, power is also conserved and utility bills may also be reduced.